Settings Screen

The Settings screen is a key feature of our fitness studio management software that offers you the flexibility to customize and adjust various aspects of your studio's operations. This article provides an overview of the different options available on the Settings screen and outlines the steps required to access it.

Accessing the Settings Screen

Accessing the Settings screen is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  • Log in to your fitness studio management software account.
  • Look for the app navigation bar located at the top of the screen.
  • Click on the "Settings" button in the navigation bar. This will redirect you to the Settings screen, where you can customize your preferences.

Settings Options

The Settings screen includes different options that you can adjust to suit your studio's unique requirements. Here are the settings available on the Settings screen:

  • Landing Page URL: This option lets you specify the URL for your studio's landing page. This URL is important as it enables potential members to find and access information about your fitness studio online.
  • Currency: Choose the currency used for all financial transactions within your fitness studio with this option. This setting ensures that payments and finances are accurately managed within the software.
  • Timezone: Setting the correct timezone ensures all appointments, bookings, and time-based operations are correctly displayed and managed based on your studio's location.
  • Future Outlook Generation: This option allows you to customize how far ahead your studio's schedule and bookings are generated. You can choose to generate schedules for a week, two weeks, a month, or a more extended period, depending on your studio's operation needs.
  • Tax Label: Customize the label that appears on invoices and receipts for taxes using this option. You can use this feature to comply with local tax regulations and use the appropriate terminology, such as "Sales Tax" or "GST."
  • Tax Rate: Set the tax rate that applies to the transactions within your studio using this option. This rate will be automatically applied to all transactions that require taxes.
  • Tax Type (Inclusive / Exclusive): Choose between inclusive and exclusive tax types using this option. This setting determines whether taxes should be included in the base price of your studio's services or added on top of the base price.

Customize your software using the Settings screen options to ease your studio's operation and maintenance.

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