Staff Member Screen

The Staff Member Details screen in our fitness studio management software allows you to view and edit the details of a specific staff member. Here's a guide to the different elements of the Staff Member Details screen:

Staff member details
Staff member details

Basic Info

The top section of the screen shows the basic information of the staff member, including their photo, name, roles, and age.

Edit Profile Button

The Edit Profile button allows you to edit the staff member's details, such as their name, email address, phone number, roles, and availability for personal bookings.

Send Invite Button

The Send Invite button allows you to invite the staff member to join the fitness studio management software. When you click on this button, an email will be sent to the staff member with instructions on how to create an account.


The classes section shows a list of classes that the staff member is assigned to. The list includes the name and description of the class, the instructor, the date and time of the class, and the current enrollment and waiting list. Clicking on a class will show the details of the class, including the list of enrolled and waitlisted members.

Availability for Personal Bookings

The availability for personal bookings section shows a list of the staff member's availability for personal bookings. The list includes the day and time range of the availability, as well as the instructor. Clicking on an availability will allow you to create a new personal booking for that staff member.

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