Plan Details Screen

The Plan Details screen provides you with detailed information about a specific membership plan in your fitness studio management software. This screen is accessed by selecting a plan from the Plans screen. Here is a guide to the features and information available on the Plan Details screen:

Plan Details screen
Plan Details screen

Plan Information

The Plan Details screen displays various details about the selected plan, including:

  • Name: The name of the plan.
  • Active: Indicates whether the plan is currently active or not.
  • Type: Specifies the type of plan, such as monthly, yearly, or any other plan category you have set up.
  • Price: The cost associated with the plan, either as a one-time payment or a recurring subscription fee.

Plan Restrictions

Below the plan information, you will find a list of plan restrictions, if any. These restrictions define any limitations or conditions associated with the plan. For example, it may specify a maximum number of classes a member can attend or restrictions on booking certain types of sessions. The plan restrictions section provides important information for both staff members and members to understand the limitations of the plan.

Edit Plan Button

Clicking on the "Edit Plan" button allows you to make changes to the selected plan's details. This includes modifying the plan name, type, price, or any associated restrictions. After making the necessary changes, remember to save your modifications by clicking the "Save" button.

Deactivate Plan

If you wish to deactivate a plan, click on the "Deactivate Plan" button. Deactivating a plan means that it will no longer be available for purchase by new members. However, existing members subscribed to the plan will still have access until the expiration date or cancellation.

Members Subscribed to the Plan

At the bottom of the Plan Details screen, there is a list that shows the members who are currently subscribed to the selected plan. This list provides you with an overview of the number of members currently using the plan and allows you to keep track of the plan's popularity.

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